Tuesday, June 14, 2016

YTD Youtube Downloader 5.7 for windows complete Download

Youtube Downloader 5.7 for windows

We can locate adequate no of video downloader on internet but YTD 5.7  is best among all of them in performance and user-friendly mechanism. User will perceive relaxation to download all video files from YouTube and many other sites by using YTD.
The video files user want to download is only some clicks aside. User have to just copy and paste the URL of the required file to download. It has many  undeniable features which makes it unique from other video downloaders.

How it works

  • Click on the YTD to start.
  • Copy the URL from the Youtube an paste it into the Paste URL bar.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the Youtube files.
  • Select the file type  from the the "automatically convert to" panel to choose the type of the file to be downloaded.
  • Select the Conversion quality.
  • Click DOWNLOAD to start the download.

X Factor of YTD Downloader 5.7

  • It has a simple GUI.
  • Tiny in size that mean it does not require plenty of system resources which ensures it does not slow down the speed of the system.
  • YTD is easy to use and faster in speed.
  • YTD Allows a user to download data in different video formats as it allows to convert the file to different file types.
  • YTD supports Batches.
  • Current downloading process can be seen from Activity window and it also shows the estimated time and percentage of a file to download.
  • It has the ability to convert the video files at the time when downloading is started as well as user can also convert the downloaded files.
  • Easy to approach guides and manuals
  • Files can be played by YTD. It means it can also work as a media player.
  • Downloading process can be stop , pause , play. Files can be deleted from YTD.
  • User can select the quality of the file to be download.


YTD 5.7 is fast and versatile downloader which is not only easy to use but it is very effective in terms of performance. It offers wide range of file formats to be download and also have an ability of a built in media player which helps user to play files using YTD.

                                         Click here to Download

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