Thursday, June 16, 2016

Avast Free Anti Virus 2016 complete free download

Avast Anti Virus 2016

Now a days Viruses are common and these are harmful and malicious software that infected the performance of a system by performing some damaging activities. To prevent the system from the attack of viruses every one demands to have a rapid and useful anti virus software.

The one which is  well liked by user is  Avast Free Anti virus which is widely being used. Fast in speed and effective in performance are the prominent features of Avast.

X factor of Avast Anti Virus

  • Installation process is very easy.
  • It provides Real time protection.
  • Avast anti virus has a Simple GUI.
  • It has Fast and Effective scanning engine.
  • A new powerful feature is CyberCapture technology.
  • Avast Anti Virus does not slow down speed of the system.
  • It needs minimum system resources.
  • Avast Free Anti virus offers home network security.
  • Avast Anti Virus occupies larger anti virus market share.
  • There are four different scanning modes are available in Avast anti Virus such as , removable media scan, quick scan,  folder to scan and full system scan which provide depth system scanning.  
  • Avast Free Anti Virus has Powerful set of tools

System Requirements for Avast Anti Virus 2016

  • Windows OS 10 , 8.1 , 8 , 7  (32 bit , 64 bit)
  • Processor Intel Pentium 4 or above
  • RAM minimum 256 MB
  • Hard disk space  1.5 GB


The prime thing about Avast is that the avast has modernize the definition of anti virus at a constant basis. So it ensure that your system will be defended against many Trojans and viruses.
It has  a straightforward and convenient mechanism which makes Avast is exceptional and chief.
Avast has an automatic security check process which informs the user when some viruses are detected.

Avast! Free Anti virus is the first choice of the user due to its maximum work in less time features.
User simply have to install it and the system will have a strong security umbrella which ensures the better protection..

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