Wednesday, June 15, 2016

FastStone Image Viewer 5.7 cracked version Free download


FastStone Image Viewer 5.7

There are so many image viewer are available in Web stores but the FastStone image viewer is matchless among all of them. FastStone is efficient, speedy and  productive image view which does not have only the image view capability but images and photos can also be edit or convert through FastStone image viewer.

FastStone has a user friendly and easy mechanism to use the different features such as zooming, full screen display color configuration and image editing etc.
It has a complete set of utensil which help user to do whatever he wants to do with the images.

X-Factor of FastStone Image Viewer

  • Thin lightweight, powerful and Free.
  • Fundamental image editing tools such as cropping, rotate resizing, flip and color management etc.
  • Image color effects such as negative, gray scale, sepia, Red/Green/Blue adaptation.
  • Histogram display with color counter feature
  • Images can be printed with full page-layout control.
  • Texts, rectangles, lines, ovals highlights, and callout objects can be drawn on images.
  • To convert/rename large or small collections of images  Configurable batch processing can be done.
  • Images can be acquired from the scanner.
  • Actual image size can be displayed by one-touch best fit feature.
  • Images can be send through email. 
  • Image management comprise with tagging proficiency.
  • Drag and Drop and move to / copy to folder support.
  • Multifaceted screen capture ability.
  • Slideshow ability with wide range of supporting features including audio support.
  • multi-tier undo / redo ability.
  • It is easy to edit photos  for experts and even for beginners.
  • Exclusive removal and reduction of Red-Eye effect with completely native looking resultant.

            Download FastStone Image Viewer 5.7


We are damn sure that you will like this image viewer once you will use it.It supports all considerable image and graphics files such as TIFF, PNG, JPEG,animated GIF, WMF, TGA etc. End note about FastStone Image Viewer is that is is master in its working and day by day it is becoming more popular and famous.

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