Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SHAREit 3.5.0 for pc latest version free download


Now transfer of any audio video or any other file having a large size  is not a big deal. You can send audio video files,text files, photos  and folders as well just in seconds to other devices,

SHAREit is free software which enables you to have a transfer of files in seconds without any cable, modem or network connection.You can send data from your PC to PC, smart phones and tablets.
Devices having wireless capability can detect each other when they will be in scope.

SHAREit allows a safe and secure transfer of the data.Group sharing is a best part of SHAREit.
Files can be transfer in a group up to the five members concurrently.

SHAREit has many striking features

  • Faster in speed than Bluetooth.
  • Automatically detection of devices when in same span.
  • Files having large sizes can be transfer in seconds just as human eye take some shuts and ups.
  • Less limitations.
  • Data can be shared between PC  Android smart phones and iphones.
  • Enables group sharing.
  • Different type of files such as audio video files, text files, pictures and contact directories as well.

How to use SHAREit 

  • Start the SHAREit application either from the start menu or from the desktop icon.
  • Click on the Connect Android device.
  • similarly you have to start SHAREit application from android or iphone and click the Connect PC.
  • Here you will see the all accessible stations to connect to share the data.
  • Click on the device which you want to connect.
  • Instantly you will connected to the selected device and ready to share the data. It is so simple and straightway procedure to share the files and data among different devices by using SHAREit.  


SHAREit is a very lightweight but useful application which lets user to share the different types of data among different devices with more speed and ease. The graph of the users of SHAREit is growing day by day. 

                           DOWNLOAD SHAREit

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