Saturday, June 25, 2016

Foxit Reader Free Download

Foxit Reader
If you are looking for a small but smart pdf reader application which does not heavily rely on system resources then you must go with Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader is a small application than Adobe reader. Foxit Reader is small in terms of using system resources but performance wise it is a very powerful tool which works speedily without using wide system resources. 

How it is different from Adobe Acrobat Reader:
In term of size and use of system resources Foxit Reader is much more smaller than Adobe Acrobat Reader which is well known and widely used pdf reader in the market. Let compare a Foxit reader installation file having approximately size of 12 to 40MB with the Adobe Acrobat Reader installation file having more than 320 MB.

How it works
Foxit Reader is used to create, view or edit pdf files. Foxit Reader is a clever operator which allows user to adjust different looks on a pdf document in read mode. Pages can also be seen in different manner such as double page, single page, full screen, split mode etc.

Foxit Reader has a straightforward and user-friendly GUI which enables user to have an easy and quick access to every tool of Foxit Reader. Different tools are available to the user in such as Hand tool, Snapshot, search bar etc.

Other paramount features
Foxit Reader has so many prominent traits such as, 

-> Design user portfolio of pdf files.
-> Zoom in Zoom out text.
-> Highlight text.
-> Add comments to text.
-> Add notes to the text.
-> Add drawing to the text. 
-> Print of a pdf document
-> Convert pdf file to a simple file.
-> Multiple language support.
-> Email pdf files through Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader is a best application which offers a complete package of healthy features to user although user want to have minimum use of system resources by the application.                                                                                                                                                                      
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Friday, June 24, 2016

Skype latest version

There are so many chat software are available in the market but the most famous and well known chat application is named as Skype. Skype is a chat application which enables a user to have a high standards secure and safe audio video conversation.

What it works
Skype is a very simple but efficient software which is not only used for voice calls but the high quality video call feature is also very best which makes it ideal for users to use it. User can send text message, file transfer,video call and audio call using Skype.
Skype also facilitate the user in a way that by using Skype credit user can call smart phones tablets and landlines as well .

Skype Other premier features
  • Conference call is prominent feature of Skype which allows user to have multiple people in a single place to discuss anything. 
  • Skype have a screen share feature which helps user to have a look of the screen of the other end. In any case by screen share option user can get and give help to others.
  • Call log is available.
  • User can have group chat.
  • Block annoying contact.
  • Multi language support.
  • Conversation history can also be seen. 
  • Files such as text files, images, audio files, video files etc can also be transferred through Skype.

Skype GUI
Simple but effective GUI helps the user to use easily all the features offered by the Skype that is why it is the most widely used chat software in the world. User can easily access and navigate between the different services and features offered by the Skype.

How to use
To use Skype user just have to create a user profile and Skype name after the installation of Skype..
Every time user will sign in through the Skype account. Saved Contacts can be seen from contact directory and contacts can be searched by name in search bar given over the contact directory.

Its  painless but powerful mechanism makes it prominent among all the chat software being used in the market. In every respect it is best among all those homogeneous software who fall in to same category. Skype application is also available for android and windows smart phones.

                                           Download Skype 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mozilla Firefox latest version

Mozilla Firefox
One of the top three globally most used web browser is Mozilla Firefox.
It is handy and sharp web browser which is worldwide popular thanks to its high class performance and simple but effective structure. 
Since it was introduced in the global market in November 2004 it became first to compete with Internet Explorer 6 at that time which was widely used and dominant.
As stated by Mozilla, Firefox was at second place as a desktop browser in February 2016,.

Key Features
  • Mozilla Firefox have fine security features which ensure user to have a safe and secure web browsing.
  • Firefox provide a wide screen area to the contents being browsed by the user to make it easier and more clear.
  • Multi language support.
  • Pop-up blocking.
  • Tab-browsing
  • Comprehensive privacy control
  • Cohesive Google search bar
  • History can be seen and removed from the History option.
  • Bookmarking is easier as Bookmark option is available. 
  • Add-on ability.
  • Open source development.
  • Themes can be applied so user can use it in a more personalized way.
  • Firefox provide a high quality graphics and rendering to the image and video files.
  • Firefox provides a private Browsing option which provide a safeguard to have a reliable use of Internet without the fear of stealing information.
  • Integrated antivirus / anti malware umbrella which provide a safe guard against the virus attack.
  • Pages are loaded in a speedy manner.

Mozilla Firefox is a open-source web browser available free for everyone. 
The no of users growing day by day thanks to its speed and simple interface which make it easier to use. Mozilla Firefox occupies less space on the disk than others and it is very user friendly. 
It can be operated on smart phones, laptop, desktop, tablets etc and is congruent with Linux, windows, Firefox OS and android.
Fire fox is open source so it is famous among the developers and owned an advance creative user circle.

                                    Download Firefox 

Stardock Window Blinds 7.4 crack


If you get bored from the default look of Microsoft Windows and want to have a change in look and design then use WindowBlinds to change the complete face of the Microsoft Windows.
WindowBlinds is an application which enables a user to apply different stunning and delightful looks and skins to the Microsoft Windows.
WindowBlinds is a rich, well organized, productive, and renowned  software that gives you a exceptional sight of Graphical User Interface in your desktop and shapes it more attractive and striking.

How and what it works

WindowBlinds works by enabling user to apply a wide range of themes and skins which can change entire interface as WindowBlinds offers a lot of skins themes to the user. WindowBlinds also have a theme designer that permits a user to make their own customized themes. Theme designing is so easy and quick so user can easily create new themes and looks.
WindowsBlind is speedy as you just have to install it on your pc then choose the theme and skin you want to have and then click "Apply Style" and here you will have new selected theme and skin.

Ultimate Features

  • The color and design of title bars menu bars task bar push buttons can be changed by the WindowBlinds.
  • Extended support for Windows 8
  • SkinStudio which enable a user to develop customized themes.
  • The look of start panel and window frames can be decorated with different styles and looks.
  • Application skinning.
  • Look of the Borders can be modified.
  • Option of the transparency of start menu , task bar or windows. 
  • Skins can be applied arbitrary so skins will be changed automatically after a specific time interval.
  • Offer consistent new updates to improve the theme gallery.
  • Offers a wide range of different wallpapers, background views and appearance.
  • Occupies less space.
  • Easy to use.


The best thing about WindowBlinds is that it  gives a user full supremacy upon widows look to have it according to the need and wish of the user. User can do what he wishes to do with the skins and themes to shape up his pc appearance according to his desire.
WindowBlinds is a complete package in a single bucket which empower user to apply fresh and attractive looks to the Microsoft Windows to make it unique and decorated.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ad block free download


It is very common to have different types of ads, video ads, banners, Pop ups, which disturb the user during web browsing.
Whenever we start browsing there are lot of irritating ads which automatically come forward on screen again and again. To prevent this there is a google chrome extension which is ultimate solution for this known as Adblock.  AdBlock will block all these infuriating ads.

How it works
 Simply user have to add this extension to google chrome. When AdBlock starts working the monogram of the AdBlock turns its color to red user can see this blush in the task bar. Adblock will start checking all these kind of ads and will hinder these ads to irritate you during internet browsing.
User can block all irritating ads by simply right clicking on the ad and hit the "Block" button to stop these ads. User can also create a black list of ads so AdBlock will always filter these ads to stop them.

Key Features

  • AdBlock does not keep the browsing record which means u can have a safe and secure browsing without the fear of personal or private information to be reveal.
  • AdBlock is a fast and powerful tool which will gives you a delightful browsing experience without the pain of being irritating by the ads.
  • It blocks everything which fall into ads category.
  • AdBlock blocks Pre-ads on YouTube and even on Facebook.
  • Easy for user to manually block ads.
  • This application is lightweight, effective and simple to use.


AdBlock is a a very useful tool which clears they way of the user to have a speedy and quick internet browsing. The best and matchless thing about AdBlock is that it is very light weight and does not put any load on the internet speed.
User can move quickly form one page to another. It is the ultimate solution to have an uninterrupted and consecutive internet browsing.

                                          Download AdBlock

Friday, June 17, 2016

Avira Free Antivirus 2016 Crack File Product Key

Avira Free Anti Virus

Do you want to secure your PC from spyware, viruses, worms, and Trojans and looking for a lightweight but fruitful anti virus application which provides you extensive data protection against the virus attack. You should try Avira Free Anti Virus because it is tiny in size but healthy in performance. 

Avira Free anti virus is free software which is best to protect PC from virus attack. It is one of the most widely used anti virus around the world. It has so many remarkable features which helps to protect your PC from the malicious activities due to virus and Spam attack.  

How it works

Avira Free Anti Virus has simple but rapid action apparatus which works quickly to protect the PC from any virus strike. Avira Free anti virus has a special tool which helps to browse Internet safely by checking the website and giving an early warning of possible virus existence on the websites.
User can browse Internet without having fear of possible virus attack due to this extension named as ''Avira Browser Safety''.

Chief Features

  • Quick in speed.
  • Advance scanning engine.
  • Ensures high efficiency.
  • Less resources consumption.
  • Owned certainty of more than 100 Million users.
  • Email scanner and web protection
  • SocialShield helps parents to observe the activities of the their children on Social media such as Facebook , Google+ and Twitter etc
  • Another feature is for android cell phones, smart phones and tablets named as Avira Free Android Security.
  • GameMode which helps to have a optimized use of system resources during gaming period.
  • Easy and User-Friendly GUI.
  • Consistently updating virus definition which enables it to take action against new viruses.

Avira Free Anti virus is leader in anti virus market. According to a survey , in 2012 Avira Free Anti virus was at no six in the list of most widely used Anti viruses. It is easy to install and use. User just have to hit the Scan button to start Avira Free Anti Virus and the protection will start. 

                                 Click here to download

Adobe Reader Pro DC 2016 latest Full Download

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Want to do something with a PDF file. Answer is Adobe Reader.
Adobe Reader is most famed and efficient free pdf reader which is best to view,create and manage portable document format (PDF) files. It is a essential software that every system must have as PDF documents have become very usual now a days.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a freeware, which is  available for various desktop and mobile platforms.

Prime Features

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has many features which makes it master. such as,

  • Most Trusted and reliable.
  • Scrolling is much quicker than other pdf readers.
  • More powerful than other PDF software.
  • Connected to Adobe Document Cloud.
  • More versatile but Free software.
  • Easy conversion of Images and MS office files to pdf.
  • Ensures user supremacy on page organization.  
  • User can zoom in zoom out the text.
  • Adobe Reader’s UI is simple and spontaneous.
  • Easy to use and manipulate PDF files.
  • Text can be selected and highlighted.
  • Comments can be add through stick notes and drawing tool.
  • Screen shots can be taken in Adobe reader.
  • PDF files can be send through emails in Adobe Reader. 
  • Reading mode Single Page, Continuous scroll option is available user can choose according to his need. .
  • Protected mode and other security options are also available which makes it safe and secure to open PDF files.
  • Consistent bugs fixing and security update to provide an updated and effective safe guard against any malicious virus attack via PDF files. 

System requirements

  • Ram 1 GB
  • Processor 1.5 GHz or faster.
  • Hard disk space 380
  • screen resolution 1024 x 768 
  • Windows 7 {32-bit , 64-bit}, Windows Server 2008 R2 {64-bit}, 2012 {64-bit}, or 2012 R2 {64-bit}, Windows 8 {32-bit , 64-bit}, Windows 10 {32-bit , 64-bit}.
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 or 11; Firefox (ESR)


Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a new multifaceted pdf reader which is the first and foremost choice of the users. New Adobe Acrobat Reader DC offers more security and bug fixing. User can access to his SharePoint , Dropbox and OneDrive, Box files from the reader.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Avast Free Anti Virus 2016 complete free download

Avast Anti Virus 2016

Now a days Viruses are common and these are harmful and malicious software that infected the performance of a system by performing some damaging activities. To prevent the system from the attack of viruses every one demands to have a rapid and useful anti virus software.

The one which is  well liked by user is  Avast Free Anti virus which is widely being used. Fast in speed and effective in performance are the prominent features of Avast.

X factor of Avast Anti Virus

  • Installation process is very easy.
  • It provides Real time protection.
  • Avast anti virus has a Simple GUI.
  • It has Fast and Effective scanning engine.
  • A new powerful feature is CyberCapture technology.
  • Avast Anti Virus does not slow down speed of the system.
  • It needs minimum system resources.
  • Avast Free Anti virus offers home network security.
  • Avast Anti Virus occupies larger anti virus market share.
  • There are four different scanning modes are available in Avast anti Virus such as , removable media scan, quick scan,  folder to scan and full system scan which provide depth system scanning.  
  • Avast Free Anti Virus has Powerful set of tools

System Requirements for Avast Anti Virus 2016

  • Windows OS 10 , 8.1 , 8 , 7  (32 bit , 64 bit)
  • Processor Intel Pentium 4 or above
  • RAM minimum 256 MB
  • Hard disk space  1.5 GB


The prime thing about Avast is that the avast has modernize the definition of anti virus at a constant basis. So it ensure that your system will be defended against many Trojans and viruses.
It has  a straightforward and convenient mechanism which makes Avast is exceptional and chief.
Avast has an automatic security check process which informs the user when some viruses are detected.

Avast! Free Anti virus is the first choice of the user due to its maximum work in less time features.
User simply have to install it and the system will have a strong security umbrella which ensures the better protection..

                                              Click here to download

WinZip 19 Pro full with crack file free download

WinZip Pro 19 

It is quite difficult to work with the files having immense file size. Because if you want to share files over the Internet, larger files will take much time to transfer than the files having a small size. 
To tackle this difficulty everyone need to have a smart tools which enables user to compress the size of the files without compromising on the quality and standard of the file. 

There are many software available in the market but one of the best tool available for compressing and decompressing of files is WinZip. The best thing about WinZip is that it has most powerful , robust and trouble-free utensil which allows user to have a strong and easy file compression and decompression . 

Smart Features
  • Trusted by millions of world wide users.
  • It provides ideal security protection to the files against any virus attack.
  • Ultramodern compression approach.
  • Available for 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Fast and efficient in performance. 
  • WinZip supports many file formats such as IMG, RAR, LHA,CAB, BZ2 ,7Z etc. 
  • Some new prominent features are also included in WinZip such as image compression and management, enhanced compression performance etc.
  • It has A user-friendly GUI which enables a user to use it with ease and comfort.
  • Exceptional new file sharing service.
  • Powerful encryption technique (Advanced Encryption Standard). 
  • Zip archives can be send through email.
  • Saves time and disk space.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Files from and to Google Drive, drop box or SkyDrive can be easily zipped quickly.


WinZip 19 is a best solution for compression and decompression of files as it has an state of the art and most sophisticated mechanism, That is why it is most used tool worldwide
Simple and easier to use and one thing which is peerless is its ability to maintain the maximum quality of a file and reduces the size of the file to its minimum after compression. 
                                     Click here to download

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

TeamViewer 11 latest version complete download


If you want to assist, discuss or collaborate any issue with the help of computer system with your friends, relatives or customers who are sitting away from you and you are looking for an exceptional tool which enables you to have a remote access to other system as like you are sitting next to them physically.

The one which is the most reliable and extraordinary smart application is named as TeamViewer.
TeamViewer is a software which enables users to have a share of the control among different devices.
Team viewer is a most efficient secure and powerful software among all those software who fall into same category.

TeamViewer provides fast and handy remote access to the other devices.Now having any problem to solve out is not a big deal.Just lodge the team viewer on your device and  link with other devices to give and take remote control to unfold the issue.

How it works

TeamViewer has a facile and user-friendly mechanism which make it first option for the users. IDs of the both partners which are going to connect with each other are automatically generated.
You have to simply put your partner's id into TeamViewer and you will have a remote connection instantly.


  • Most reliable and trustworthy recognized by the user across the world.
  • Provide the facility to have online meetings.
  • Quick and complete remote access.
  • Saves money and time
  • Files can be transfer easily.
  • User-friendly GUI which helps user to use it with comfort.
  • sessions can be recorded and converted to the video files such as AVI.
  • Multi language support.
  • TeamViewer is powerful and secure as it doest not ask about any personal or private information to have a online  remote session as user just have to use ids generated by the TeamViewer to connect with other devices.



TeamViewer is most robust and committed application which has made the remote access very easy. It has very simple and speedy structure which ensures a handy and useful remote session.

                                Download TeamViewer

FastStone Image Viewer 5.7 cracked version Free download


FastStone Image Viewer 5.7

There are so many image viewer are available in Web stores but the FastStone image viewer is matchless among all of them. FastStone is efficient, speedy and  productive image view which does not have only the image view capability but images and photos can also be edit or convert through FastStone image viewer.

FastStone has a user friendly and easy mechanism to use the different features such as zooming, full screen display color configuration and image editing etc.
It has a complete set of utensil which help user to do whatever he wants to do with the images.

X-Factor of FastStone Image Viewer

  • Thin lightweight, powerful and Free.
  • Fundamental image editing tools such as cropping, rotate resizing, flip and color management etc.
  • Image color effects such as negative, gray scale, sepia, Red/Green/Blue adaptation.
  • Histogram display with color counter feature
  • Images can be printed with full page-layout control.
  • Texts, rectangles, lines, ovals highlights, and callout objects can be drawn on images.
  • To convert/rename large or small collections of images  Configurable batch processing can be done.
  • Images can be acquired from the scanner.
  • Actual image size can be displayed by one-touch best fit feature.
  • Images can be send through email. 
  • Image management comprise with tagging proficiency.
  • Drag and Drop and move to / copy to folder support.
  • Multifaceted screen capture ability.
  • Slideshow ability with wide range of supporting features including audio support.
  • multi-tier undo / redo ability.
  • It is easy to edit photos  for experts and even for beginners.
  • Exclusive removal and reduction of Red-Eye effect with completely native looking resultant.

            Download FastStone Image Viewer 5.7


We are damn sure that you will like this image viewer once you will use it.It supports all considerable image and graphics files such as TIFF, PNG, JPEG,animated GIF, WMF, TGA etc. End note about FastStone Image Viewer is that is is master in its working and day by day it is becoming more popular and famous.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SHAREit 3.5.0 for pc latest version free download


Now transfer of any audio video or any other file having a large size  is not a big deal. You can send audio video files,text files, photos  and folders as well just in seconds to other devices,

SHAREit is free software which enables you to have a transfer of files in seconds without any cable, modem or network connection.You can send data from your PC to PC, smart phones and tablets.
Devices having wireless capability can detect each other when they will be in scope.

SHAREit allows a safe and secure transfer of the data.Group sharing is a best part of SHAREit.
Files can be transfer in a group up to the five members concurrently.

SHAREit has many striking features

  • Faster in speed than Bluetooth.
  • Automatically detection of devices when in same span.
  • Files having large sizes can be transfer in seconds just as human eye take some shuts and ups.
  • Less limitations.
  • Data can be shared between PC  Android smart phones and iphones.
  • Enables group sharing.
  • Different type of files such as audio video files, text files, pictures and contact directories as well.

How to use SHAREit 

  • Start the SHAREit application either from the start menu or from the desktop icon.
  • Click on the Connect Android device.
  • similarly you have to start SHAREit application from android or iphone and click the Connect PC.
  • Here you will see the all accessible stations to connect to share the data.
  • Click on the device which you want to connect.
  • Instantly you will connected to the selected device and ready to share the data. It is so simple and straightway procedure to share the files and data among different devices by using SHAREit.  


SHAREit is a very lightweight but useful application which lets user to share the different types of data among different devices with more speed and ease. The graph of the users of SHAREit is growing day by day. 

                           DOWNLOAD SHAREit

Connectify Hotspot Pro 2016 Free Download

Connectify Hotspot Pro 2016

If you want to make a wifi hotspot to connect different devices to internet then do not think big and forget all those technique which was being used before such as setting up an adhoc network etc. Connectify Hotspot is a firmware which is masterly design to convert a PC into Wifi Hotspot.
Simple in design and faster in performance are the  distinguishable characteristics of Connectify Hotspot.

How it works

  • User just have to install and run the Connectify Hotspot.
  • Set up the name of the network and password and also choose Security Mode.
  • Click on the Start Hotspot button to start the network and here you go with your secure and safe hotspot network.

X Factor of Connectify Hotspot

  • Light weight and does not require much system resources.
  • User can set Name of the hotspot, and password which will used to connect the devices to the network.
  • Type of security mode user want to have and
  • if user want to permit the internet sharing etc.
  • Easy to setup because it has automatic configuration ability as user just have to setup hotspot name, password only and No other in put is required by the user. 
  • Connectify Hotspot empower the user to see and control all the devices connected to the wireless network as user can see all the devices connected to the network in Clients tab.
  • Shared resources among the devices connected to wireless network can be traversed.
  • WPA2 Encryption
  • Services tab show the different services offers by the Connectify Hotspot
  • In history user can see the different devices which were connected to the network at some point of time. 
  • Devices can be automatically detected.


Connectify Hotspot is a complete package which has a simple and efficient GUI and configuration process.You just need to install and configure and then you will have a quality and complete range of a Wifi Hotspot features. It will gives you an experience of a completely secure and faster hotspot network.


YTD Youtube Downloader 5.7 for windows complete Download

Youtube Downloader 5.7 for windows

We can locate adequate no of video downloader on internet but YTD 5.7  is best among all of them in performance and user-friendly mechanism. User will perceive relaxation to download all video files from YouTube and many other sites by using YTD.
The video files user want to download is only some clicks aside. User have to just copy and paste the URL of the required file to download. It has many  undeniable features which makes it unique from other video downloaders.

How it works

  • Click on the YTD to start.
  • Copy the URL from the Youtube an paste it into the Paste URL bar.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the Youtube files.
  • Select the file type  from the the "automatically convert to" panel to choose the type of the file to be downloaded.
  • Select the Conversion quality.
  • Click DOWNLOAD to start the download.

X Factor of YTD Downloader 5.7

  • It has a simple GUI.
  • Tiny in size that mean it does not require plenty of system resources which ensures it does not slow down the speed of the system.
  • YTD is easy to use and faster in speed.
  • YTD Allows a user to download data in different video formats as it allows to convert the file to different file types.
  • YTD supports Batches.
  • Current downloading process can be seen from Activity window and it also shows the estimated time and percentage of a file to download.
  • It has the ability to convert the video files at the time when downloading is started as well as user can also convert the downloaded files.
  • Easy to approach guides and manuals
  • Files can be played by YTD. It means it can also work as a media player.
  • Downloading process can be stop , pause , play. Files can be deleted from YTD.
  • User can select the quality of the file to be download.


YTD 5.7 is fast and versatile downloader which is not only easy to use but it is very effective in terms of performance. It offers wide range of file formats to be download and also have an ability of a built in media player which helps user to play files using YTD.

                                         Click here to Download

Sunday, June 12, 2016

VLC media player 2.2.4 for windows free download

VLC Media Player 2.2.4

VLC media player is a versatile and most popular media player.It has the capabilities to run the all audio video files that you can have. It become popular very soon after its entry in the Media players nest. Its resilient and  vigorous performance makes it first choice of users.

It has provided all types of media files to run on a single platform which remove the inconvenience of the user to manage a wide variety of audio video files  to run at different media players as they were doing in the past.

X Factor of VLC Media Player 2.2.4

  • Totally free to download and use. 
  • VLC media player is Lightwieght but resilient in nature. 
  • VLC media player does not demand heavy system resources which means it does not slow down the speed and performance of the system.
  • VLC media player is elegant and fancy which allows different options to the user to apply such as brightness, playback speed, repeat, pause ,play, change the volume,  stop and special effects etc.
  • Audio Spatializer allows user to adjust the audio setting of the player.
  • Different skins can be applied to VLC Player
  • There is no need to install the codecs as it has built-in ability to play the most codecs.  
  • VLC media player runs on all operating system such as Android, Linux, Windows, iOS,  Mac OS X, and Unix. 
  • VLC media player provides full freedom to the user as it does not track user information and it does not encourage any ads and virus attacks.  
  • VLC media is a multi format media player. 
  • Supports wide range of streaming protocol.
  • Portable version is also available.
  • VLC media player has a built-in ability to automatically repair the corrupted files.
  • Drag and drop ability to run the files.
  • Snapshots can be taken in VLC media player.


VLC media player 2.2.4 offers wide variety of features to the user which makes it champion in the market. It has reduced all the pain to manage the different media players to play different file formats. Now you just have to install a single media player known as VLC  and you can play all your audio video files of different formats  on a single media player.


IDM Internet Donwload Manager 6.25 with serial keys 2016 version Free Download

Internet Download Manager 6.25

It was quite difficult to download the different type of data from the Internet as the big issue was with the  download speed and different file types which user wants to download with ease and comfort.

You can find  numerous downloading software which are available in the market but a software which allows you to download data a higher rate is named as Internet Download Manager. Internet download manager is a smart operator which beats all other firmware in the market .

How it works

Internet Download Manager is integrated with many web browsers. So when user want to download a file he/she simply clicks the download button and idm starts downloading the file. User can also download file by simply copy and paste URL of the file user want to download in the idm "Add URL" panel. The Icon of idm appears in taskbar while idm works.

X Factor of Internet Download Manager

  • Trusted and appreciated by millions of user.
  • More than 5 time fast in speed , easy to use and effective in performance.
  • Provides secure and safe download.
  • Integrated with most of the commonly used web browser.
  • It has a stop , pause and resume capability which allows the user to have different options in the pocket.
  • It has a user friendly Graphical User Interface.
  • It Allows user to resume , restart or recover the download process in case of any system error, power interruption or network failure.
  • IDM can download many files simultaneously.
  • IDM is brilliant at downloading the data of different file types.
  • Automatic update ability.
  • Downloading schedule can be set in idm.
  • Multilingual support.

Serial keys of IDM 6.25.



Internet Download Manager is a versatile and smart tool which has changes the downloading trends. Now file is simply a few clicks away to download on your systems.
IDM is easy to use and it has comprehensive set of tools which helps use to schedule , resume , stop , recover the downloading process. Its performance make it unique and handy in the house.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Piriform Recuva 1.53 Fast Data Recovery 2016 complete version Free Download

Piriform Recuva 1.53 

If you have deleted the important files from your system , flash drive, memory card or digital camera mistakenly and want a complete comprehensive recovery of these deleted files and searching for a right tool which recovers all these deleted files as they were before deleting. Then you should choose Recuva, a fast and in depth file recovery tool. It has a user friendly GUI and very easy to use even users new to computer use can easily recover their deleted files.

How it works

  • Click on the Recuva icon to start the application. 
  • Recuva has two recovery mode one is Recuva wizard which is  a simple but quick file recovery mode and second one is advance mode. Recuva wizard will ask you which file type you want to recover such as music, videos, pictures, emails or  documents etc.
  • Choose the type of file you are looking for and click next.
  • Choose the location of files where they were and in case if you are not sure about the flocation of file then pick the option ''i'm not sure'' from the given options which means Recuva will search everywhere on the system.
  • Click on the Start button to start recovery process.
  • Recuva advance mode gives a better and extended user control on the recovery process as it offers different other options to the user. 
  • In advance recovery mode user can select the drive where he want to search the deleted file.
  • In advance file recovery mode files can be recover by giving the path name or file name.
  • In advance recovery mode  user can recover complete files as well as contents of a file can be recovered.
  • After selection of all the options hit the recover button to start the file recovery process.

X Factor of Piriform Recuva 1.53

  • Lightweight in size but carries the reputation of a comprehensive file recovery tool.
  • Does not require much system resources.
  • Recuva has a user Friendly interface.
  • An easy mechanism to recover the files on the basis of file names and data types.
  • All types of data can be recovered.
  • Less time consumption.
  • Fast and efficient in performance.
  • User can apply a quick recovery as well as in-depth recovery can be applied.
  • Data can be recovered from the computer systems, memory cards, flash drives and digital cameras.


Recuva is a software which is best for recovery of all those files that has been removed from your storage deliberately or unintentionally. It is very proficient to recover all the data even if you have cleared the recycle bin and it is also best to recover the data from Flash drives memory cards and other storage devices.

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