Friday, June 24, 2016

Skype latest version

There are so many chat software are available in the market but the most famous and well known chat application is named as Skype. Skype is a chat application which enables a user to have a high standards secure and safe audio video conversation.

What it works
Skype is a very simple but efficient software which is not only used for voice calls but the high quality video call feature is also very best which makes it ideal for users to use it. User can send text message, file transfer,video call and audio call using Skype.
Skype also facilitate the user in a way that by using Skype credit user can call smart phones tablets and landlines as well .

Skype Other premier features
  • Conference call is prominent feature of Skype which allows user to have multiple people in a single place to discuss anything. 
  • Skype have a screen share feature which helps user to have a look of the screen of the other end. In any case by screen share option user can get and give help to others.
  • Call log is available.
  • User can have group chat.
  • Block annoying contact.
  • Multi language support.
  • Conversation history can also be seen. 
  • Files such as text files, images, audio files, video files etc can also be transferred through Skype.

Skype GUI
Simple but effective GUI helps the user to use easily all the features offered by the Skype that is why it is the most widely used chat software in the world. User can easily access and navigate between the different services and features offered by the Skype.

How to use
To use Skype user just have to create a user profile and Skype name after the installation of Skype..
Every time user will sign in through the Skype account. Saved Contacts can be seen from contact directory and contacts can be searched by name in search bar given over the contact directory.

Its  painless but powerful mechanism makes it prominent among all the chat software being used in the market. In every respect it is best among all those homogeneous software who fall in to same category. Skype application is also available for android and windows smart phones.

                                           Download Skype 

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