Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ad block free download


It is very common to have different types of ads, video ads, banners, Pop ups, which disturb the user during web browsing.
Whenever we start browsing there are lot of irritating ads which automatically come forward on screen again and again. To prevent this there is a google chrome extension which is ultimate solution for this known as Adblock.  AdBlock will block all these infuriating ads.

How it works
 Simply user have to add this extension to google chrome. When AdBlock starts working the monogram of the AdBlock turns its color to red user can see this blush in the task bar. Adblock will start checking all these kind of ads and will hinder these ads to irritate you during internet browsing.
User can block all irritating ads by simply right clicking on the ad and hit the "Block" button to stop these ads. User can also create a black list of ads so AdBlock will always filter these ads to stop them.

Key Features

  • AdBlock does not keep the browsing record which means u can have a safe and secure browsing without the fear of personal or private information to be reveal.
  • AdBlock is a fast and powerful tool which will gives you a delightful browsing experience without the pain of being irritating by the ads.
  • It blocks everything which fall into ads category.
  • AdBlock blocks Pre-ads on YouTube and even on Facebook.
  • Easy for user to manually block ads.
  • This application is lightweight, effective and simple to use.


AdBlock is a a very useful tool which clears they way of the user to have a speedy and quick internet browsing. The best and matchless thing about AdBlock is that it is very light weight and does not put any load on the internet speed.
User can move quickly form one page to another. It is the ultimate solution to have an uninterrupted and consecutive internet browsing.

                                          Download AdBlock

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