Thursday, July 21, 2016

Download Safari for windows

Safari 5.1.7 for windows

Safari web browser is has changed the browsing trends as it provides the the browsing with joy. Originally designed by the apple safari web browser for windows has become one of the dominant player in the browser market. Safari has set new browsing standards and enable user to have a amuse of apple style browsing experience.

What is different in Safari 5.1.7

It provides a faster and regale browsing experience as heavy and complex pages can be loaded at a whirlwind speed. Safari provides a wider space for the browsing to user to have a wider experience of the browsing. It is a an ultra modern and a well built web browser which works on the tabbing  system. You will find tabs at the top of the browser window which means you have more wider space for browsing.

No scroll bar will appear initially it will only emerge when the scrolling is required. Another best thing is Reading list where you can save the pages you want to visit later.

It is quite simple and easy to find a site which was visited in past and you forget it. Go to full history search to find the site where you can even search on the sketchiest appellation. You can recognize and open the site in cover flow by looking the sketch of the site.

X Factor of Safari 5.1.7 

  • 100 % free.
  • Easy to use and best in performance.
  • Fast in speed.
  • Provides a secure and safe browsing.
  • Dashing and sophisticated.  
  • Easy Bookmarking.
  • Provides a wide browsing window which means you have more space for browsing.
  • Reading list is available to add pages which user want to visit later.
  • Cover flow allows user to have a itune style vision of bookmarks.
  • Private browsing is available.


Safari 5.1.7 is a free, multifaceted and all purpose browser which has set new browsing paradigm which ensures browsing with joy and amusement.
Having an ability to load heavy and complex pages with more speed and efficiency makes it hot cake in the browser market.

Why you should wait for the pages to load? Lets, try it, it is best, speedy and easy to use. Download and Install it and have a solo browsing flight with the Safari 5.1.7.

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