Saturday, July 23, 2016

CCleaner Download Free

CCleaner 5.20

If you are facing a problem that your pc is not running very smoothly and behaves like it is dealing with the heavy load of data and you want to make it smoother and faster in a way that all unnecessary data and files should be removed from your pc. Then the solution of your problem is CCleaner.

Prolong use of Pc and particularly when you are using internet as well will become a main cause of unnecessary and temporary data to be stored on your pc . Which minimizes the system speed and raises some other issues such as security and reliability as well. To counter all these problems CCleaner is a best option we have now a days.
CCleaner is a best and ultramodern tool available for cleaning of the pc to make it faster, more secure and reliable.

How it works
  • Run the CCleaner from your pc.
  • Select the files from windows and application from you want to clean unused and unnecessary files.
  • Click on the Analyze button to have a deep analysis of files and data to be clean.
  • Hit the Run Cleaner button to clean all the unwanted and used files from your pc. 

X Factor of CCleaner 5.20

  • Most trustworthy tool in the market.
  • CCleaner has a simple GUI.
  • Fast in speed and carries the prestige of the most effective pc optimization software.
  • Very easy to use as it has one click cleaning capability so the beginners can use it as well with ease and comfort.
  • Make system more secure and reliable. 
  • Saves the disk and memory space.
  • Does not dictate for much system resources which means when CCleaner runs it does not slow down the system speed.
  • Minimize the possibility of system errors and crashes.
  • CCleaner remove the browser history and cookies to make your browsing more safe.
  • User can have a customize Cleaning process according to his need and desire. 

System Requirements

  • Windows XP (all editions , 64 bits)
  • Windows Vista (all editions , 64 bits)
  • Windows  7 ,8 , 8.1 and 10 (32bits ,64 bits)
  • Mac 10.5


CCleaner is an ideal tool for cleaning the system from unnecessary junk files and data. It removes all the unused files, data and cookies to save the disk and ram space.
It provides safe and reliable use of the system and boost up the system speed as well.
Then what are you waiting for, Go, Try it, it is really very easy to use.

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